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At Siwanoy School everyone feels safe, welcome and respected. We develop the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and creative growth of each student. We ensure our students have the skills and competencies needed to apply learning to new and ever-changing challenges. Our students become life-long learners and engaged citizens. All members of our school community share in creating a joyful, compassionate, and responsive environment where the whole child matters.


A black and white photo of the original section of Siwanoy School.

Siwanoy School

Prior to 1910, only eight grades of study were offered in the Pelham Public Schools. Those who chose advanced study attended high school in either Mount Vernon or New Rochelle. That all changed with the opening of Siwanoy School, which was both an elementary and high school.

Only a few homes surrounded this stately building, which consisted of only the current central portion when it opened. Raised wooden sidewalks connected to the streets so that students could avoid walking on the often wet and muddy ground.

A female student stands in the corner of a classroom reading a book.

A fifth grader using a new set of Compton’s
Picture Encyclopedia at Siwanoy in 1956.

Accounts of the first term’s enrollment for the high school varies from one or two students up to 28. They were assigned to desks in the assembly hall and were taught by the new principal, Mr. Carmichael, who was later aided by new teachers.

By 1918, combined enrollment in all of the grammar schools was up to 1,000 students and 167 were enrolled in the high school. A separate high school building became necessary. In the next 10 years, two wings were added to Siwanoy to accommodate the further increase in grammar school students.

Clubs at Siwanoy

Students in the Siwanoy Rhyme in Time Club are shown with a teacher.

Siwanoy Rhyme in Time Club, 1956.

In the 1950s, Siwanoy students enjoyed a variety of clubs sponsored by their teachers, including: Travel Club - students made passports, learned about different countries and visited the S.S. United States. Girls Handicraft Club - students made leather change purses, comb cases and key cases. Boys Handiwork Club - students made footstools and other objects. Rhyme in Time Club - students wrote poems about nature, make believe, religious thoughts, and things that could happen. Fun Club - students did magic tricks, had puppet shows, and played games such as Bingo and Go to the Head of the Class. Science Club - students did experiments and talked about science. Glee Club and Orchestra - students interested in music performed.



Students dressed in togas perform a play.

Siwanoy Greek play, 1929.