Policies & Procedures

Arrival & Dismissal

On the first day of school, parents may follow their children into the classroom. Afterwards, they should follow the procedures outlined below.

8:15 - Arrival of Students, supervision starts

  • Kindergarten students line up under the archway.
  • Second and third graders line up by the main door according to the diagram below.
  • First graders line up at the door on the left when facing the school, according to the diagram below.
  • Fourth and fifth graders wait on the driveway near the door on the right when facing the school.
A photo of the school with arrows showing where each class should line up at arrival and dismissal

8:20 am - first bell rings:

  • K-2 students are in their lines and follow their teachers into the building
  • Third graders are lined up and enter the building independently, going directly to their classes where their teachers will greet them.
  • Fourth and fifth grade students enter the building independently using the door to the right and go straight to their classrooms. They will be greeted at the door by a staff member.

8:25 am - Late Bell Rings

  • Students arriving after this time should enter the building by the main stairs and stop at the office to announce their arrival.
  • Attendance is taken at 8:30 am when instruction begins.

Please make sure that your child is on time and ready to begin his or her day when the 8:20 bell rings. Everyone on time ensures a calmer, more productive start to the school day.

3:05 pm - Dismissal

  • Students in K-2 are dismissed to a parent or caregiver.
  • Third, fourth and fifth graders will leave the building and can meet a parent/caregiver at a designated location.
  • Fourth and fifth graders may walk home alone if we have a note on file.
  • Students exit the same door they enter by in the morning. Please see the diagram below.
  • If you need to change a dismissal plan during the day, please call the office as we cannot guarantee that an email will be read during the school day.

The start of the school day is an important time for teachers and students and we expect students to arrive on time ready to enter the building at 8:20 am with their classmates. Teachers have a lot to do in the morning between 8:20 and 8:30 as they settle their students in while taking attendance, going over work and touching base with students as necessary, checking notices, and in some cases preparing them for a specials class. Please respect this process by finding a more appropriate time to address your child’s teacher. We appreciate your assistance during this important time of transition into the school day.

Arrival & Dismissal FAQs

Traffic & Parking

  • The crosswalk and No Standing Zone by the fire hydrant and on the opposite side of the street have been zebra-striped so it is clearer to everyone where cars are ABSOLUTELY NOT TO STOP OR STAND.
  • The area between the two driveway exits, and a little beyond, (except where zebra-striped) have been designated the drop-off and pick-up zone for the following times: FROM 7:00-9:00 and from 2:00-4:00 During these times, you may not leave your car unattended! 
  • The Pelham Manor Police take notice and ticket cars left unattended in these spots at the above times.
  • Parking is available on Pelhamdale Avenue and on Manor Lane behind the school.  Please be careful not to block our neighbors’ driveways. 

Student/Parent Handbook

Siwanoy Code of Conduct

Our Rules for Being Respectful, Responsible and Safe

  Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe 
Halls & Stairs

I follow teacher directions.

I walk quietly

I go directly to my destination.

I have permission to be out of class.

 I walk on the right side.

 I keep safe-self-space.


I wait my turn in line.

I listen to directions from adults.

I use appropriate manners.

 I clean up after myself.

 I remain seated.

I keep safe-self-space.

Playground and Recess

 I play fairly.

I include others.

 I follow adult signals and directions.

I take care of my property and school property.

I follow playground procedures.

I play games by the rules.


I am respectful of the privacy of others.

I use the facilities properly.

I clean up and go right back to class.

I report any problems.

 I wash my hands

I keep the floors free of garbage and water.


Parents & Visitors

  • Parents entering the building throughout the day are requested to use the main entrance.  We will not admit parents who buzz to come in via the back door, and we do not want children opening any doors for any adult. After entering the main entrance, stop by the main office to sign in and pick up a visitor badge.
  • Town Meetings, typically held on Day 5, are for our school community.  Parents wishing to attend are requested to remain in the main foyer until the announcement to proceed to Town Meeting and then to proceed to the balcony as we do not have enough seating in the main gym.
  • Forgotten items should be brought to the office, not to your child’s classroom.  We will call the room and have your child come and pick up the forgotten item.
  • If you need to pick your child up before the end of the day, please report to the office, sign your child out, and we will call them.