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Lisa Marie Arbelaez

Titles: First grade

Kim Marie Asfendis

Titles: Special Education Resource Room

Nancy Baird

Titles: Art Teacher

Marcia Bean

Titles: Elementary Orchestra

Cathy Blank Deluccia

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Milagros Bonilla

Titles: District Clerk, Secretary to the Superintendent

Thomas Callahan

Titles: Director of Math and Science

Maria Carovillano

Titles: Secretary to the Superintendent

Cheryl Champ

Titles: Superintendent of Schools

Julia Chung

Titles: Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services

Simona Ciolino

Titles: third grade on leave

Rosemarie Cipollone

Titles: ENL Teacher

John Condon

Titles: Director of Facilities

Sennett Cooke

Titles: 1st Grade Teacher

Antoinette Damiano

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Ralph DeMasi

Titles: Safety Coordinator

Jennifer Denet

Titles: first grade

Astrid Denison

Titles: Payroll Clerk

Suzanne Diano

Titles: third grade

Andrew Dolgon

Titles: Elementary Band Teacher

Charisse Donnadio

Titles: Registrar

Janet Egan

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Shelli Friedberg

Titles: fifth grade

Kara Galiani

Titles: Teaching Assistant

Steven Garcia

Titles: Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel

Susan J. Gilbert

Titles: Principal

Lauren Gobbo

Titles: FLES

Paola Gogliormella

Titles: Occupational Therapist

Sharon Hanlon

Titles: Technology Support Specialist

Amy Heese

Titles: Staff Assistant - Finance & Administration