Friday Update 1/12/2024

Friday Update 1/12/2024
Farid Johnson

Principal’s Message

 "We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now.Martin Luther King Jr.
The above quote resonates with me as a leader, as a dad, as a community member, and so much more. Everywhere you look, you can see differences. At Siwanoy, we celebrate differences knowing that we all have a common goal as educators, which is to give your children the best educational experience they can have. I hope you celebrate Monday not just as a day off from school, rather, a day to reflect on the progress we have made but understand that there is still much work to be done!
School News
Sweet on Siwanoy Dance

 Please see below for information about the dance that will be taken place next Friday, January 19th!

  • Date: Friday, January 19
  • The entrance to the dance will be through the main school doors. Students will check in and then be escorted to the gym by chaperones. 
  • For students in grades K-2, doors will open at 4:30pm and pick-up is at 6:00pm.
  • For students in grades 3-5, doors will open at 7:00pm and pick-up is at 8:30pm. 
  • Parents should come to the main school doors for pick-up. Chaperones will be checking kids out to the adult listed on the MTK or the Google form. Parents must be on time for pick-up.
  • There will be no dinner served at the dance. Snacks and candy will be available as well as bottled water.
  • We have over 120 kids so far attending the dance and about 50 chaperones (divided between both dances)!
  • Dance theme is Candyland- there is no dress code- anything goes! Some kids dress up and others don’t- whatever people are comfortable with. 

1st Grade and class 3-5L Animal Shelter Drive
Please click the link below to learn more about the animal shelter drive!
Animal Shelter Drive

Kids for Positive Change - 2/6/23
Kids for Positive Change will be coming to Siwanoy to work with our 4th and 5th graders on February 6th.  This program empowers kids to take action on local, national and global environmental problems impacting their world and future generations. Our fourth graders will become the “Pollution Solution,” as they learn how plastic pollution impacts endangered marine life, ocean ecosystems, people, and the planet, and discover sustainable solutions.  Our fifth graders will become “Earth Advocates,” as they learn about biodiversity, species interconnectivity, and how climate change impacts animals, people, and the planet, locally and globally. A BIG thank you to the Pelham Education Foundation for supporting this program in our schools.  I look forward to having the students share their projects!

Siwanoy University 2/7/24 @6:15
Come join us to learn about what we do at Siwanoy for competency and responsibility for students of all cultures, identities and abilities. Our very own Mr. Katz and Erin Larkin-Maguire will be facilitating. We are hoping to have a huge turnout for such an important conversation/learning opportunity. Please use the link below to sign up. Dinner and childcare will be provided! 
Siwanoy University Sign Up
Please really consider signing up for this Siwanoy University. There are so many important topics that will be covered. Thanks!

3rd Grade Orchestra and 4th Grade Band Recital -

 On Wednesday January 24, we will be hosting our Beginner Recital at 8:30 am in the Siwanoy gym. Please join us for performances by our 3rd grade orchestra and 4th grade band. A few reminders for all students who are performing:

  • Band and orchestra students please remember to bring instruments and music

  • We are requesting black and white concert attire

  • Families and guests should enter through the front door of the building slightly before 8:30 am.

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