Friday Update 4/14/2023

Friday Update 4/14/2023
Farid Johnson

Dear Siwanoy families,

Happy Friday. This weather has been nothing short of amazing! I hope the sun is giving everyone the extra energy needed to get through this busy month. Our students have been enjoying the weather while doing math outside, listening to stories, learning in the outdoor classroom and so much more! I hope the weekend is just as beautiful. Enjoy!

NYS ELA and Math Assessments- In the next few weeks, students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will be participating in our New York State English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments. We appreciate your support in ensuring your child has a healthy breakfast, is well rested and arrives to school on time. We respectfully request that you avoid scheduling appointments during testing times, as make up tests require students to miss classroom instruction. Dates for the assessments are as follows:

  • April 19-20, 2023- NYS English Language Arts Assessment
  • May 2-3, 2023- NYS Math Assessment


Notes from Nurse Keller

We have had some reported cases of head lice in school. In order to prevent further occurrences, parents should check their children’s heads daily. It is best to check outside or under good lighting. 

  • Head lice are tiny insects (size of a sesame seed) that appear tan, brown or gray in color.  
  • Nits are tiny oval shaped lice eggs. They are yellow, brown or tan in color, but appear white after hatching. They attach to the hair shaft close to the scalp especially around the ears, nape of the neck and crown. Unlike dandruff, nits attach to hair with a waterproof glue-like substance that cannot be washed away or blown away.
  • Head lice should be suspected when there is intense itching especially at the nape of the neck and around the ears. The itching tends to be worse at night. Sometimes though itching does not occur. 
  • Hair should be treated with lice shampoo recommended by your child’s physician or a lice consultant. All nits will need to be removed to prevent re-infestation. Once treatment is initiated checking the hair and combing every 2-3 days for 2-3 weeks may also prevent re-infestation.
  • Please remind your children not to share hats, sweaters, coats, scarves, combs/brushes, hair accessories, helmets, headphones, pillows and stuffed animals. Children with long hair are advised to keep their hair pulled back in ponytails, braids or buns to minimize exposure.


Family Curriculum Night- All families are welcome to join us on Tuesday, March 28th from 6:30-7:30 pm for our annual Family Curriculum Night. Come and play some ELA and math games with your children and have some fun! The event will be held at Prospect Hill School. For more information, please see the following flyer: K-5 Family Curriculum Night pH.pdf

Word of the Month - Compassion

The word of the month is compassion. Having compassion means that we show others we care about them. Compassionate people treat others with kindness and have a strong desire to help people.

Please be sure to check out our SEL Newsletter! (Updated 4/14/23)

PTA Information - Chess Club

Siwanoy is starting a Chess Club! If your child loves to play and is interested in joining the Siwanoy Team, please read the prerequisites below.

  • Open to grades 2-5
  • Each team member is expected to attempt to play in 1 local tournament per month as part of a team representing Siwanoy.
  • Team member candidates should have completed at least 2 semesters of previous chess classes.
  • The club will be primarily for intermediate-advanced players.

Students will be meeting with the coach for 6 weeks, on Thursdays, during lunch. First meeting is planned for 4/20/23. 

There is no fee to participate, but the students are responsible for any tournament registrations fees. Spots are limited.

If you sign up, remember you are using a limited spot, please make sure you child is able to attend all the sessions and is committed to the team. 


Registration link will go live Sunday, 4/16/23 @ 8pm, in the MTK portal. 

Reminder with the link will be sent later this week. 

Questions? Email:

Building Bridges program starts May 8th

Please see the link below about additional information on Building Bridges and on how to get involved.

Building Bridges Program


Upcoming dates:

4/17 - Day 2

4/18 - Day 3

4/19 - Day 4 - ELA tests for grades 3-5

4/20 - Day 5 - ELA tests for grades 3-5

4/21 - Day 6


Farid Johnson

Principal, Siwanoy School


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