Siwanoy Spelling Bee

Siwanoy Spelling Bee
Amanda Sozio

The Siwanoy Spelling Bee took place on Thursday, January 4th!

Students from the Siwanoy Spelling Bee Club, led by Ms.Sozio and Mrs. Motta, worked hard for two months in preparation for the big day! 

Our three finalists that will attend the District Bee are Macpherson Alderman (5th Grade), Liam Cepler (5th Grade), and Lucy Gould (5th Grade). 

Congratulations to our finalists and all members of the club for their achievements! 

Thank you to the Siwanoy Bee pronouncer, Ms.Diano, the judges, Ms.Miro, Ms.Infante, Ms. Hefter, and our parent volunteer, Mrs.Alderman, for their help at the bee.


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