Tulip Planting 2019

Students stand around a planter box and measure how deep their hole is in the soil as their teacher and a parent look on.
A student rakes a planter box as her teacher holds a sack of bulbs.
Students, a teacher and a parent crowd around a patch of dirt with a yard stick measuring how deep their hole is.
Four students and an adult kneel down and dig holes for their tulips using shovels.
Three students are shown at a planter box.
Students dig a hole in the dirt for their bulbs.
Students crouch down and dig holes in the dirt.
A teacher holds a large sheet of paper as students sit on outdoor benches.

Siwanoy first graders spent Thursday afternoon planting red emperor tulip bulbs in the Outdoor Classroom. The students planted this tulip test garden as part of the international science project called Journey North. With the help of their teacher and parent volunteers, the students used shovels to dig seven-inch holes, measured with a yardstick. They then placed the bulb in the hole, added bulb food, and covered their planting. Next spring, when plants emerge and bloom, the students will report their observations and data to the Journey North site. Siwanoy School is connecting with hundreds of other schools across the northern hemisphere in discovering and revealing the relationship between climate, geography, and the arrival of spring.