Special Programs

24 Game Club

Fourth and fifth graders may join the Siwanoy 24 Game Club.  In 24 Game, students learn about relationships of numbers through a game in which the answer is always 24 but how it is derived varies.  Emphasis is on process, patterns and fun. Learn more about how the game is played.

World Language Study

The PTA sponsor an after school world language program, offering beginner and intermediate French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Italian lessons once a week based on interest. The Little Language League, located in Rye, NY, provides the teaching staff and materials.


Intramurals is a lunchtime program that is an extension of the physical education curriculum. It is open to all interested 4th and 5th graders and will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the lunch hour. Teams are chosen through a blind draft system. Once the teams are chosen, the student athletes will play a game schedule of various sports. They can earn points for their team by showing good sportsmanship, attending the games and, obviously, helping their team to win games. At the end of a 5-game regular season, the top two teams will play in a championship game. The points earned in each sport season will be added together, ultimately resulting in the crowning of a Siwanoy intramural championship team.

Student Government

Students in grades 3-5 are chosen by their classmates as representatives, with fifth graders being voted in as officers. They meet approximately two Thursdays a month.  Over the years, their projects have included writing the Siwanoy Constitution, electing a school mascot, the snow leopard, developing rules for football and four-square to ensure consistency on the playground, and organizing food and book drives to support those in need. Any student can submit a bill that is discussed at SG meetings. 

Town Meetings

Town Meetings are held on most Day 5's at 2:15 pm in our gymnasium to promote our school community and good school citizenship. Town Meetings are hosted by fifth graders. 

We begin the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of America the Beautiful. We close with our School Song, Siwanoy our Home. In between, we have skits, discussions, presentations, a monthly birthday song, open mic forums, etc. We review our Siwanoy School Constitution tenets, have updates from our Student Government and Editorial Board.

A Message from the Principal is also included, sometimes with an "Ask the Principal" segment.  Students can ask any question about their educational experience. Past questions have included, "What is the job of a principal?" or "How are teachers picked to work at Siwanoy?"  

Join us at a Town Meeting, parents are requested to sit in the balcony for space considerations. Town Meetings are posted on the Siwanoy Express calendar.